How it Works

Tell us your goals in a vehicle, we’ll do the rest. 

AutoAgents Canada's online car dealership clients and agent picking Honda Fit 2022

Any make, any model

Your dedicated agent will choose, find, finance, then deliver any vehicle to your door.

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Expert Advice

Your dedicated agent will get you a vehicle that meets your goals.

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Flexible Financing

Get payment plans that fit your budget.

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Unlimited Inventory

Get any make or model from anywhere in Canada.

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All-inclusive Pricing

Prices include shipping, pre-purchase inspection, safety inspection, cleaning, and delivery.

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Tell us your goals in a vehicle

During the introductory call, you’ll meet your Agent, tell them exactly what you want in a vehicle, and learn how their expertise combined with our dealership-exclusive resources will get you the right car from the comfort of your home.


Approve your personalized plan

After assessing your goals, budget, desired ownership length, and the trade-in value of your current vehicle, your agent will create a watchlist for you with recommended vehicle models that match your needs and eligible financing terms.

AutoAgents clients search online car dealerships in Canada. Based on your criteria and goals the best option for you is a 2017-2019 Subaru Forester


Select a vehicle for inspection 

Your agent will send you vehicle choices until you’ve been matched with your dream car. We’ll never pressure you to make a decision and will only buy a vehicle once it passes our comprehensive third-party inspection with your sign off. 


Vehicle Photos
CARFAX® History Report
Third-Party Inspection
All-Inclusive Price  


Get your vehicle

Once you've chosen "the" vehicle and it's passed our rigorous inspection, we purchase, clean, plate, and schedule your delivery. Once you've done your walk around, we'll toss you the keys to drive your new car away in style.

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Black BMW X5


Repeat the process with a trade-in

We’ll contact you once your vehicle is at the optimal point to sell prior to a large drop in value. If you’re ready, we’ll list and sell it for you, then get you a fresh ride. 

Car Buying  

Unlimited Inventory 
Personalized Car Ownership Plans 
Dedicated Advisor
Administrative Support 
All-Inclusive Pricing 
24/7 Customer Support

What our clients say

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with AutoAgents. They helped me find my dream car and kept me informed with updates on the search daily. I'll definitely use them again in the future when I decide to upgrade my vehicle!"

– Vince, Ottawa

“AutoAgents help me find my Acura MDX. They provided excellent customer service and answered all my questions immediately. I highly recommend buying your next vehicle with AutoAgents.”

– Frank, Ottawa

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