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What's most important to you when buying a vehicle?
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How long would you like to keep your next vehicle?

TIP: The vehicles we suggest will change depending on how long you want to own your car, as some vehicles lose their value faster than others.

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Do you know the exact vehicle model you want to buy?

TIP: By understanding what vehicle you prefer, we can evaluate competitors and make suggestions that may suit you better based on your ownership plan.

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How involved do you want to be in finding the vehicle?

TIP: If you get a kick out of car shopping, find any car you want to buy in Canada, send us the listing, and we’ll handle the rest. Just know that we have many sources that you don't have access to, so it’s in your best interest to leave it to us.

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How do you plan on paying for it?

TIP: Finance rates depend on numerous factors including the year of vehicle, your credit, and current available financing programs. 

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Do you currently have a vehicle you'd like to trade-in?

TIP: We’ll provide a trade-in offer, plus tax credits, for you to consider while we look for your new vehicle. If you find someone to pay more, then we will accommodate the sale to give you the higher value.

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Maximized Value

Our priority is to get your dream car, for less. We’ll maximize the value of your trade-in to minimize your monthly payments on a vehicle we know will hold its value when you’re ready to resell.

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More Choice

Instead of trying to sell you vehicles available on your local lot, your agent will look nationwide to find the right vehicle, then complete the necessary due diligence to ensure it's a quality buy before delivering it to you.

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Convenient Experience

Your agent will help you make a data-driven decision on which vehicle to buy, then manage everything else that follows. From finding, buying, financing, to inspections, right down to plating the vehicle and delivering it to your door.

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