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What's most important to you when buying a vehicle?
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How long would you like to keep your next vehicle?

TIP: The vehicles we suggest will change depending on how long you want to own your car, as some vehicles lose their value faster than others.

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Do you know the exact vehicle model you want to buy?

TIP: By understanding what vehicle you prefer, we can evaluate competitors and make suggestions that may suit you better based on your ownership plan.

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How involved do you want to be in finding the vehicle?

TIP: If you get a kick out of car shopping, find any car you want to buy in Canada, send us the listing, and we’ll handle the rest. Just know that we have many sources that you don't have access to, so it’s in your best interest to leave it to us.

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How do you plan on paying for it?

TIP: Finance rates depend on numerous factors including the year of vehicle, your credit, and current available financing programs. 

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Do you currently have a vehicle you'd like to trade-in?

TIP: We’ll provide a trade-in offer, plus tax credits, for you to consider while we look for your new vehicle. If you find someone to pay more, then we will accommodate the sale to give you the higher value.

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Find, finance, and buy your next car, without lifting a finger

Your dedicated agent will work with you one-on-one to identify your budget and goals, then match you with your perfect vehicle. They'll help you with financing and deliver your vehicle to your door, ready to drive.

What to Expect

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Expert Advice

Your dedicated agent will help you choose the vehicle that matches your needs best.

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Flexible Financing

Get payment plans that fit your budget and goals.
Own a corporation? We have plans for that too!

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Unlimited Inventory

Get any make or model from anywhere in Canada.

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All-inclusive Pricing

Prices include pre-purchase inspection, safety inspection, cleaning, and delivery.

What to Expect

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Expert Advice.

From your dedicated agent.

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Flexible Financing.

Payment plans that fit your budget.

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Unlimited Inventory.

We'll get you any make or model from anywhere in Canada.

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All-inclusive pricing

Prices include shipping, pre-purchase inspection, safety inspection, cleaning and delivery.

Make an informed decision on the second biggest purchase of your life

Your agent will educate you on the true cost of owning a vehicle, then match you with the best vehicle option, best rate, and a payment plan in your budget.

Real feedback from happy clients

“I bought a beautiful 2018 CR-V from the experts at AutoAgents. I was very impressed with the professionalism and guidance to make a decision that made my partner and I very happy!”

– Chris, Ottawa

"I am absolutely floored at how awesome these guys are! ... 10/10 would recommend this business if you are looking to purchase any vehicle down the line."

– Luke, Ottawa

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Trade-in your vehicle with zero hassle

We’ll sell your current vehicle (even if it isn’t paid off yet!), then use the entire trade-in credit towards your new vehicle to reduce your taxes and/or monthly payments.


Save time researching for vehicles

Your agent will send a customized selection of vehicles to your inbox with recommendations on models that match your preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

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Get any make, any model

Unlike traditional dealerships who only sell the inventory they have readily available, we source our cars from private sellers, auctions, and vendors across Canada so we can get you exactly what you want at the best deal.

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“My partner and I really enjoyed our experience working with AutoAgents. My agent was friendly, clear, and transparent from the start.

We discussed our needs, budget, and expectations. Then they got us a vehicle that was better than what we expected to get in our budget!

We’ve been driving our Hyundai Tucson Ultimate for months now and absolutely love everything about it.”

– Kelly, Ottawa

Tell us your goals and get a free consultation with your personal car shopper.

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